General Motors’ employees have a problem. A BIG problem.

Over 42,000 were notified before the beginning of the summer that GM’s promise to pay them a lifetime income upon retirement (once known as a “pension”) was being CANCELLED! And they all had less than 60 days to decide what they wanted to do about the next 25-40 years of their lives. Their choices were:

“Take a lump sum payout – and then YOU decide how to make it last.”
“Take a guaranteed lifetime income, by means of an annuity through Prudential Life.”
Now, guess what? Each and every one of YOU will be faced with the very same choice no matter what you do for a living, or your station in life!

In this show, What’s Wrong with Annuities? Part 1, host Bruce Weide explores the pro and cons of Guaranteed Income vs. Managed Income in retirement for working American Baby Boomers, and why literally more than 35 billion dollars of GM and Ford obligations are set to move out of the hands of Wall Street money managers, over to the American Midwest (known as the “insurance belt”) actuarial statistic geeks at life insurance companies.

What do the big car makers know that you haven’t been told… about the biggest threat to retirement this country will ever face, beginning by the end of this decade?

In this show:

Challenging Interviews with:

Michael Tove, CEP, RFC, author of renowned financial industry study, Financial Safety Comparison: Bank vs. Insurance Company Deposits
Kim O’Brien, President & CEO of the National Association for Fixed Annuities
Hear how Bruce weaves together The Ultimate Income Plan, featuring:

Safe alternatives to Banks and the Stock Market that can guarantee growth rates up to 7-10% (under certain terms)!
Guaranteed lifetime income for you AND your spouse!
Long Term Care needs built into a pension – Double your income for an event of Long Term Care.
Inflation Protected Income – up to 10% per year cost of living adjustments.

As a listener to Straight Talk Wealth Radio, we are offering you this complete show on CD – click here to order this limited offer. As a bonus, we will also include a DVD with “Historic Rates of Return – Wall Street’s Dirty Little Lie”, and “What is a Retirement Roadmap?”



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