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Retirement planning can be like planning a journey to a new destination – a place where thinking is different. Your concerns shift from, “How do I accumulate from funds?” to “Will my retirement funds last throughout my retirement years?” And as the economic environment we live in undergoes historic change, the investment philosophies with which you have become familiar will also need to change accordingly.

With our exclusive software analysis we begin with where you are now and develop a realistic travel plan to get you where you want to be in your retirement years.


Are you confident in your answers to these questions? 

Do you have the resources today to safely make it to your goal, or could you need to work longer and save more than you’ve planned for?

Are you getting sufficient portfolio growth to get there, or could tough economic times forestall arriving at your destination?

How much can you spend every year in retirement if your funds earn 5%? 7% 10% or better?
What ratio should you hold of savings vs. investments?

How can you guarantee that your money will last you a lifetime?

Only after you truly understand the trip that you’re making, can you possibly make wise choices about the vehicles that stand the best chance of getting you there.

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