February 25, 2019

This unique service is offered through Straight Talk Wealth Radio, heard on AM radio stations throughout Southern California.

Most Americans have been marketed into thinking that there is no difference between “saving” for retirement or more properly, “investing” for retirement.

Which of you would pin your entire life’s hopes and dreams on events that you can neither predict or control, and on which you could again lose half of your wealth if the ghosts of 2008 (or 2000 for that matter) ever return?

Why don’t more people differentiate between their savings strategies (for monies they can not afford to ever lose) and their investing strategies (on money they CAN afford to lose value on as sometimes does happen with investments)? Because savings at today’s rates of 1% are as good as losing money against inflation!

But what if you could double the income value of that money every 10 years – GUARANTEED? And what if when you go to withdraw those funds to live on your distributions would be guaranteed to last a life time even if the account values have been withdrawn down to ZERO!

This video shows how to begin.

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