A New Kind of Wealth Management with a Purpose!

The closer you get to financial independence, the more vital questions about your purpose in life become, whether you’re ready or not:

“What did you do when you worked?” is irrelevant. “Where did it all get you?” and “What do you WANT now, with the next chapter of your life?” are the things that matter.
The time to ask these questions in earnest really should begin perhaps 10 years before you get there.
Whereas Asset Management, or rather Asset Accumulation Management has the primary purpose to simply build wealth, Retirement Income Management has the goal of utilizing wealth to fulfill your purposes in life.

STEP ONE: What makes retired people happy?

In this presentation we explore a seminal study conducted by Ohio State University, which found 4 major common denominators to a fulfilling retirement. By coming to grips with what is really important in life, we begin to see how the wealth management process may change in your Golden Years.

Take advantage of these valuable bonus document downloads to help you with envisioning your own lifestyle and financial goals for retirement!

STEP TWO: Identify Today’s Risks

When it comes to making your plans to get to and sustain the next chapter of your life become a reality, today epecially it is important to avoid being blindsided by potential obstacles or risks that could derail or even destroy your planning.

Global Economic Risks

Straight Talk Wealth Radio has produced a wide range of shows about the current global economic risks, You can see some of most key material on the following pages:


Personal Planning Risks

Today, in any efficient plan to provide for all adequate income needs in the 2010-2030′s, there are 12 Essential Risks that have been isolated. Do you know what they are? CLICK HERE to learn more about the 12 personal risks you and your loved ones will face .


STEP THREE: Solutions that Address Specific Risks

Consider these three stages of designing the Ultimate Retirement Planning Solution. CLICK on either to go to the appropriate page and learn more about them.
  1. Start with the 10,000 foot view. Consider the potential of doing things differently. Could there be some new approaches your current advisor has not presented to you? Fortunately, doing something different does not require abandoning what is working. See some refreshing new perspectives to beat Wall Street at their own game on this page.
  2. Determine the appropriate tools. Focus on those that help implement the specific strategies you’ve chosen to rely on.
  3. Visit our Solutions Library where you can find dozens of specific personal financial planning challenges and their genuine fixes.

STEP FOUR: Request Your FREE Retirement Roadmap Feasibility Study

Take your plan out for a test drive! Your local Straight Talk Wealth Advisor will help you prepare a personalized study to give you the exact numbers of what he/she can GUARANTEE you in retirement, that fits with your own goals and strategies. Most all Retirement Roadmap proposals feature 3 key elements:

  1. Guaranteed Growth – and at higher rates than you might think! Stop thinking about bank and bond rates. By tapping your STW Advisor’s resources to draw from the insured private pension pension markets, it’s finally possible to make substantial growth on “safe” money.
  2. Guaranteed Income at retirement that you can never outlive! Literally, in many cases, if you and your spouse live a long life (see our Longevity page for the actual odds), and have spent every dime of principal and interest out of your account, you will continue to receive your monthly income payments as long as you both live.
  3. Inflation Protected Income. That means your income payment will be annually adjusted upward in direct correlation to increases in the Consumer Price Index and currently (7/2012) up to 10% per year!

CLICK HERE NOW to learn more about our FREE Retirement Roadmap service.

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