STW Episode 89: Longevity is an Asset Class

This week, Bruce dives into a fascinating discussion about how longevity itself can be viewed as an asset class and what that means for your retirement planning. 

Here's what you can expect from episode 89, "Longevity is an Asset Class":

1. Proactive Tax Reduction: Learn how Bruce and team helped clients who are real estate investors slash $60,000 in taxes in just one year with smart, proactive planning. 

2. Comprehensive Wealth Management: Discover the benefits of working with a virtual family office that integrates wealth managers, legal services, and business advisors to cover all your financial bases. Say goodbye to working with siloed advisors!

3. Understanding Longevity Credits: Get the inside scoop on Bruce's report covering principal spend down, lifetime income, and longevity credits, and learn how these can stabilize your retirement planning.

4. Rising National Debt: Delve into the looming issues of increasing national debt and its potential impact on Social Security, Medicare, and future government funding.

5. Strategic Retirement Planning: Navigate the complexities of shifting from asset accumulation to creating a sustainable income stream in retirement, with a special look at the limitations of the traditional 4% rule. Bruce introduces a plan that transforms a $350,000 premium into a guaranteed lifetime payout, offering peace of mind regardless of market ups and downs.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Bruce's strategy to treat longevity as an asset class can result in an annual payout of $44,157 for life, thanks to a unique plan that, as of the date of this episode, offers a 25% bonus and 7% guaranteed growth per year? That's financial stability you can count on, folks!

Here are some other things you'll discover in today's episode: We're talking about key retirement risks, the impact of the aging population on Medicare, and even modern medical advances that could affect your nest egg!

If you're eager to deep dive into these crucial insights and get started on your own retirement roadmap, reach out to Bruce.

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TimeStamped Overview:

00:00 Longevity as asset class: managing retirement risks.

05:37 Longevity is the best investment, guaranteed.

10:12 By 2054, interest costs surpass all priorities.

13:02 Social Security funding faces significant future shortfall.

15:14 Top 1% generate majority of tax revenues.

19:48 Transition from asset management to income management.

22:14 Report outlines main risks: inflation, deflation, stagflation.

28:24 4% rule no longer reliable for retirement.

31:31 Retirement financial advice: Start with 4%.

32:21 Retiring with $1 million, only $28,000 annually.

37:03 Create strategic retirement income plan for financial security.

39:36 Free retirement roadmap: identify, mitigate, understand risks.

Bruce Weide

Bruce Weide is a financial services specialist who has been helping clients for over 20 years. He has also been the host of Straight Talk Wealth Radio since 2007.

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