Are we headed towards a recession, and how should you navigate the looming threat of stagflation? In this two part episode on Straight Talk Wealth Radio, Bruce takes a hard look at the potential for the economy to dip into a recession as he breaks down the crucial steps to safeguard your finances when this happens.

- Bruce explores the actions of the Federal Reserve, including interest rate hikes aimed at cooling down the economy, and the ensuing repercussions for investments.

- Discussion on keeping cash safe from inflation and the importance of reevaluating traditional investment strategies to prioritize capital preservation.

- Analysis of the potential for a Canadian-led recession, backed by four consecutive quarters of economic contraction and persistent negative real GDP.

- Strategies for safeguarding your retirement plans are discussed, with a focus on tailored advice and resources such as the free retirement roadmap available at

- Urgent advice for investors to act quickly to secure high interest rates before potential future cuts, along with insights into maintaining market growth without facing downturn losses.



00:00 Stock market changes, recession and inflation impact.

04:10 Market trends and fed policy impact investing.

10:14 Bank predicts higher inflation, potential stagflation worry.

11:27 Summary: Explaining stagflation and strategies to handle it.

16:07 Banks struggling, inflation, Fed's tools to fight.

20:35 Gold has emotional and commodity value.

21:19 Gold and stocks react differently to inflation.

26:33 Avoid losses, seek modest growth, achieve certainty.

29:28 Tech bubble, Fed error, economy, credit/housing bubbles.

33:15 Investors predict Fed rate cut within months.

34:32 Triage, events, retirement, recommendations, individual circumstances.

38:11 Recent discussion on changing economy and risks.

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Is Recession Coming? And How to Win With Stagflation

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