Just your luck. You’ve been trying to save for retirement or just build wealth over the last 12 years, and you couldn’t have picked a worse time.

Consider the challenges we’ve faced as an economy:

* The bursting of the Tech Bubble in 2000
* The terrorist attacks of 9/11
* The housing boom of 2003-2007, followed by the biggest bust since the Great Depression
* The continuing repercussions of the debt bubble; from chaos in Europe, to an American economy addicted to stimulus

13 years of lost growth potential on your savings is no small setback!

How can most Americans even dream of a secure retirement if the next 10 years looks like the last 10 years?

Yes, the rules have changed! But, if you take the time to learn the new rules, you CAN win in the coming decade, and make it safely and securely to your goals.

In this show, Bruce Weide, host of Straight Talk Wealth Radio, thoroughly reviews the new risks exclusive to this decade, and explains the new rules to successfully navigate these risks for building wealth dependably and securely.

It’s not your fault. Someone changed the rules on you! But it’s NOT TOO LATE, if you learn the new rules NOW. They’re simple. But they’re new and they’re different. And no one taught you this in school.

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