February 25, 2015

How old will you live to be? That’s the million dollar question. With people living longer and the advances in medical technology, how can you plan your retirement and guarantee that you will have enough money to last the rest of your life?

Imagine you are retiring in the next year. Does your retirement plan increase with inflation? Will you be able to live on what you are making today, 10 or 20 years down the line? Bruce Weide and special co-host Michael Rossi will discuss these issues and provide valuable information on how to make your money last a lifetime — guaranteed!

It is time to step away from the volatility of the market and to stop gambling with your retirement savings. Your retirement years should be a time to relax and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Wouldn’t you love to have financial stability and peace of mind during the best years of your life? Listen to this show and find solutions to a guaranteed future.

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