“Spain will be the next Southern European nation to default and to need a major bailout, and it is the most pivotal. The size of the potential bailout of Spain, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, is enough to cause the economically stronger northern nations to question whether to continue to bail out one nation after the next.

“Furthermore, the crises have not been limited to a single default and bailout per nation. Gree

World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe calculate the cost of the European debt crisis – A comedy routine. It may seemed hilarious but this is actually what’s happening. Without all the financial jargon, any layman can understand what is happening to the current economy crisis.

ce has defaulted twice, and Ireland and Portugal will default further. Spain is likely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in Europe. Concerns over the crisis in Spain among the EU nations are likely to grow over the coming months and year. It is hard not to see a crisis in Spain by the end of the year, if not by this summer.” Economist/Author, Harry S. Dent – from the HS Dent Forecast 10 May 2012

Get the real numbers and charts on Spain and Europe! Watch this slideshow from Bruce Weide and Harry S. Dent!

Who Will Pay For Europe’s Debt? You and Your IRA!

http://www.StraightTalkWealth.com | In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world. – Barack Obama – European government and private debt is on an unsustainable and unsolvable path.

The above is the PROBLEM. Watch this shorter slide show, and Bruce will give you the SOLUTION! What can you do to Prepare, Protect, and Prosper in the coming decade?

How to Protect, Prepare, and Prosper in the Coming Decade of Change

http://www.StraightTalkWealth.com | PART 2 of a Series from Straight Talk Wealth Radio. How do you overcome volatile markets that are about to burst again, but close to zero interest rates at the bank? If the market doesn’t destroy your wealth, inflation will!

By now you really need a GOOD LAUGH! Check out this video by John Clarke and Brian Doyle, and lighten up again.


Japan’s pre-WW II Baby Boom was 20-plus years before the US’s. Their bubble burst in the late 1980′s. The Nikkei Index is has still only recovered to 10,000 from it’s peak of 40,000 over 20 years ago. Japan’s answer? Keep printing Yen and stimulating against all demographics, instead of de-leveraging and writing down debt! Does that sound anything like the U.S. Fed Reserve’s actions today. Yet, there are major differences between our two countries as well. Get the whole story in this broadcast episode. Includes a very current interview with Rodney Johnson, president of H.S. Dent Enterprises.

Baby Boomer Economic Crisis – It IS & WILL BE a Different World

Why is my portfolio crashing? Why has this decade been so darn rough to grow any kind retirement fund at all?

Well, there’s the Greek Crisis. Sure, okay. I guess so. It’s Greece’s fault.

But before that there was the Debt Cieling Crisis. Oh there ya go! It’s the Democrats’ fault. No, uh – it’s the Republicans’ fault.

And before that it was the banks’ fault for the Housing & Credit Bubble. And before that it was Silicon Valley’s fault for the Dot.Com Bubble.

And tomorrow it will be the Federal Reserve Bank’s fault for printing money, or China’s fault for having the worlds biggest real estate bubble.

All just random occurences in our life and times with no rhyme or reason except that we are cursed as a generation! Oh for the 80s and 90s. Will we ever see their kind again?

Who’s Manipulating the Markets?

Hang on to your hat. This is not an easy show to face, but it does explain why the economic facts are going in one direction, while the stock market is going in a 180 degree different direction.

The government is manipulating the markets. Did you know that 30% of personal income in the US is now coming from either government payments or government jobs?

High speed traders are manipulating the market. Did you know that 56% of the volume of daily trades on the NYSE are from short-term high-speed traders?



Why the next stock market crash is coming (and what you can do about it)!

WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTS – The International Monetary Fund pronounces, (despite their best efforts) that the world needs to brace for ANOTHER soon-to-come recession!

WHAT? Haven’t the Central Banks of the world committed to printing enough fiat money to keep us all out of this abyss? No! In fact, the WSJ report actually enlarges on the fact that it was the very fixes by Central Banks (ECB, U.S. Fed Reserve, Bank of Japan, etc) that have exacerbated the coming Recession, and complicated any potential to offset it like the last time.

This show features and extensive interview with N.Y. Times best-selling author and economist, Harry S. Dent, and also examines the foretelling specter of “Ghost Cities” in China.

For Los Angeles area listeners, you will learn about a great opportunity from Straight Talk Wealth Radio to participate in our local rendition of Harry Dent’s Demographic School presented by Host Bruce Weide.

New Workshop: Why The Next Big Stock Market Crash is Inevitable (and what you can do about it)

As discussed in the show, we are holding a special workshop in the Los Angeles area (at our office in Glendale, CA). The workshop dates are Wednesday, November 14th and Saturday, November 17th. The advance registration is $25 for one ticket, or $30 for two (couples discount). Advance registration ends one week before the event, so register now to lock in the discount.

Read more about the workshop – download the online brochure!

As a bonus for advance registration, you will receive some additional educational materials from Straight Talk Wealth – two books and a DVD. These will be on sale at the event for $30 (in case you miss the early registration cutoff).

Grant Cardone and Rodney Johnson on “Real Estate Investing- Time to Get Back In?”

Wall Street Journal Reports, “Home prices notched their strongest year-to-date gains since 2005, climbing 5.9% through July and signaling the housing market’s steady trudge toward recovery.” (Sept, 25, 2012)

Could it be that it’s time for investors to jump back in to real estate?

In this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio, I interview two outstanding guests on the matter:

Economist, Rodney Johnson: President of Harry S. Dent Enterprises. Rodney speaks in detail about how the new real estate opportunities will be different than the real estate boom and bust of ’02-07, and some hidden land-mines in the current economy that could challenge the real estate recovery.

Who is best positioned to play the game this time, and who would likely lose? Will real estate simply be another asset your portfolio allocation, or will it be a full-time job, not for amateurs? Rodney discusses all of this with me in the first half of the show.

Self-made millionaire and real estate investor, Grant Cardone: Born into modest means, Grant’s father died when Grant was 10 years old, and his mother, who could not even balance a checkbook, was left to care for him and his siblings. From these humble roots Grant Cardone has become a multi-millioniare from a combination of building businesses and investing in multi-family real estate.

In this searching interview, I prompt Grant to discuss what has set him apart to be a big success in business, when so many fail every year, and how Grant went about balancing income from working, and income from investing. It is an inspiring tale that reminds us that life can be tough, and only real tigers make it to the top.

PLUS – A VERY SPECIAL BONUS FOR LISTENERS: Listen to the show and learn how you can acquire an invaluable tool from Straight Talk Wealth Radio for free – The Real Estate Investment Analyzer! This all-purpose spreadsheet can help you analyze any residential real estate deal for:

Cash Flow: How much net income will the property produce in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.?
Equity Growth: Given pay-down of the loan and inflation of the property values, what will your investment be worth through the future?
Exit Strategies: Rarely understood by new investors until they’re decades in to the property, is the “1035 trap”. When investors often find that their cash flow can be inadequate to support their retirement lifestyle, they may have more than enough money for retirement trapped in the equity. However, the IRS lays claim to a big portion of those values if you try to tap into them. With this analyzer you can predict in advance how much of your investment growth you will own and how much the IRS will own as your silent partner. In this way, you can begin to strategize from the very beginning of leveraging IN to a property, what plans you should make for exit strategies and liquidity further on down the road. (Has a special link to help you learn how to avoid the 1035 trap and defer capital gain taxes.)
Listen to the show, then click here to request your FREE Retirement Roadmap study and Real Estate Investment Analyzer tool. Please note: The Real Estate Investement Analyzer tool will be made available to you when we deliver the Retirement Roadmap study. To learn more about our signature Retirement Roadmap study, see this article.



General Motors’ employees have a problem. A BIG problem.

Over 42,000 were notified before the beginning of the summer that GM’s promise to pay them a lifetime income upon retirement (once known as a “pension”) was being CANCELLED! And they all had less than 60 days to decide what they wanted to do about the next 25-40 years of their lives. Their choices were:

“Take a lump sum payout – and then YOU decide how to make it last.”
“Take a guaranteed lifetime income, by means of an annuity through Prudential Life.”
Now, guess what? Each and every one of YOU will be faced with the very same choice no matter what you do for a living, or your station in life!

In this show, What’s Wrong with Annuities? Part 1, host Bruce Weide explores the pro and cons of Guaranteed Income vs. Managed Income in retirement for working American Baby Boomers, and why literally more than 35 billion dollars of GM and Ford obligations are set to move out of the hands of Wall Street money managers, over to the American Midwest (known as the “insurance belt”) actuarial statistic geeks at life insurance companies.

What do the big car makers know that you haven’t been told… about the biggest threat to retirement this country will ever face, beginning by the end of this decade?

In this show:

Challenging Interviews with:

Michael Tove, CEP, RFC, author of renowned financial industry study, Financial Safety Comparison: Bank vs. Insurance Company Deposits
Kim O’Brien, President & CEO of the National Association for Fixed Annuities
Hear how Bruce weaves together The Ultimate Income Plan, featuring:

Safe alternatives to Banks and the Stock Market that can guarantee growth rates up to 7-10% (under certain terms)!
Guaranteed lifetime income for you AND your spouse!
Long Term Care needs built into a pension – Double your income for an event of Long Term Care.
Inflation Protected Income – up to 10% per year cost of living adjustments.

As a listener to Straight Talk Wealth Radio, we are offering you this complete show on CD – click here to order this limited offer. As a bonus, we will also include a DVD with “Historic Rates of Return – Wall Street’s Dirty Little Lie”, and “What is a Retirement Roadmap?”




Why NOT Gold? Broadcast Episode for KRLA 870AM

Clearly, the world’s sovereign governments* are either bursting with debt now, or they are frantically absorbing the debt liabilities of their private sectors, or even other countries. Understandably, mindful people are today speculating what could happen if major European countries, and yes…the US eventually simply cannot pay their debt obligations and the World goes BANKRUPT!

The most common answer you hear today is, “Buy gold & silver because monetary denominations will become meaningless in the face of hyperinflation.”

Straight Talk Wealth Radio Host, Bruce Weide, doesn’t disagree with the distinct possibility of the premise, and in this show he goes on a search to find out if there is any reason at all to not buy into the proposed solution.

IS Gold the ultimate answer?

What are the different possible scenarios that could play out when the world goes broke?

For this show, Bruce obtained an exclusive interview with economist and N.Y. Times best-selling author of “The Great Crash Ahead,” Harry S. Dent, and together they explore the possibility of global debt failure and the range of possible outcomes.

Two options to hear the show – listen using our online player, or order the CD package to listen in your car or on the go.

* (sovereign = a separate and unique country, not a dependent of a mother country. The US and UK are sovereign countries, whereas Bermuda and Guam are dependent on the UK and US respectively.)

You’ve heard the hype about gold – now get the straight answers! This show is so important we are offering it to listeners in CD format (a 3-disc package). The entire show commercial free is included, as well as the complete uncut interview with recognized economist Harry S. Dent. Bonus DVD included: video of “Historic Rates of Return: Wall Street’s Dirty Little Lie” and “What is a Retirement Roadmap?”. Get the information you need to make sound investment decisions – order the 3-disc package now.


Just your luck. You’ve been trying to save for retirement or just build wealth over the last 12 years, and you couldn’t have picked a worse time.

Consider the challenges we’ve faced as an economy:

* The bursting of the Tech Bubble in 2000
* The terrorist attacks of 9/11
* The housing boom of 2003-2007, followed by the biggest bust since the Great Depression
* The continuing repercussions of the debt bubble; from chaos in Europe, to an American economy addicted to stimulus

13 years of lost growth potential on your savings is no small setback!

How can most Americans even dream of a secure retirement if the next 10 years looks like the last 10 years?

Yes, the rules have changed! But, if you take the time to learn the new rules, you CAN win in the coming decade, and make it safely and securely to your goals.

In this show, Bruce Weide, host of Straight Talk Wealth Radio, thoroughly reviews the new risks exclusive to this decade, and explains the new rules to successfully navigate these risks for building wealth dependably and securely.

It’s not your fault. Someone changed the rules on you! But it’s NOT TOO LATE, if you learn the new rules NOW. They’re simple. But they’re new and they’re different. And no one taught you this in school.


In this episode Bruce explores whether it is possible to trust Wall Street anymore, in light of blatant manipulation by too-big-to-fail global banks, in collusion with governments around the world. Sounds like harsh words. Bruce lays out the actual facts in this show.

Featuring an exclusive interview from this week with economist Harry S. Dent. Also featuring excerpted interviews with Reagan Administration Budget Director, David Stockman; N.Y. Times Busines Writer Gretchen Morgensen; and a CNBC segment, Can You Still Trust Wall Street?

The game is rigged, savers and investors. Learn how to get around it in this new STW Show!