Baby Boomer Economic Crisis – It IS & WILL BE a Different World

Why is my portfolio crashing? Why has this decade been so darn rough to grow any kind retirement fund at all?

Well, there’s the Greek Crisis. Sure, okay. I guess so. It’s Greece’s fault.

But before that there was the Debt Cieling Crisis. Oh there ya go! It’s the Democrats’ fault. No, uh – it’s the Republicans’ fault.

And before that it was the banks’ fault for the Housing & Credit Bubble. And before that it was Silicon Valley’s fault for the Dot.Com Bubble.

And tomorrow it will be the Federal Reserve Bank’s fault for printing money, or China’s fault for having the worlds biggest real estate bubble.

All just random occurences in our life and times with no rhyme or reason except that we are cursed as a generation! Oh for the 80s and 90s. Will we ever see their kind again?

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