Straight Talk Wealth Radio Episode 88

In today’s episode, Bruce discusses how the retirement landscape has dramatically shifted, highlighting the need for a new approach.  

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Some key challenges faced by retirees today that differ from those experienced by previous generations.
  • How has the Covid pandemic and subsequent economic downturn exacerbated retirement insecurity?
  • What impact low interest rates have on savers and retirees?
  • How do demographic changes influence the current retirement landscape?
  • What role does the vanishing employer-provided pensions play in increasing the risk of financial instability for retirees?
  • Why are women less prepared for retirement compared to men?
  • What is the Peak 65 economic impact study, and what disparities does it reveal?
  • Find out why Bruce calls longevity a new asset class for investment, and how there are risks associated with it?

Bruce dives into the latest research and explores the key challenges and potential solutions!

– Jason Fichner’s report on the need for a new retirement planning approach.

– Challenges from the Covid pandemic, economic downturn, and low interest rates.

– The impact of demographic changes and higher divorce rates on retirement security.

– Financial instability of Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

– Urgent call for collective action to ensure retirement security for the aging population.

Timestamped Overview

00:00 Focusing on vital data sources for retirement.

04:59 Preview of upcoming 20-minute episode and source introduction.

08:38 Rapid increase in retirees, action plan needed.

11:52 Bipartisan economist Jason Fickner focuses on policy.

13:07 New retirement planning approach due to changes.

16:58 Low interest rates affecting retirees, act now.

22:29 Early Social Security claims affect retirement security.

24:43 Study on retirement readiness and economic impact.

29:03 Invest in longevity as new asset class.

30:22 Longevity, financial instability, volatility, printing money risks.

33:08 Free personalized education plan, no obligations. 

 Links from episode 88:

White Paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o5b70HiZy2xvC_FiVevLl7mz60F0u-fw/view?usp=sharingStagflation Training: https://straighttalkwealth.com/how-to-win-with-stagflation Retirement Roadmap: https://www.straighttalkwealth.com/retirement-roadmap/

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Bruce Weide

Bruce Weide is a financial services specialist who has been helping clients for over 20 years. He has also been the host of Straight Talk Wealth Radio since 2007.

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