Where is this Economy Headed?

More Banking Crisis to Come

START with this incredible video about how exactly the 2008 Crisis of Credit came about. Once you understand this, you’ll understand the significance of the following videos.

Economist Harry S Dent

Why do we feel so strongly about his forecasts for the economy? Because Dent is rare in that he carefully studies underlying demographics as a key influence upon the economy and therefore the markets. Watch our complete 3-part interview with Mr. Dent in our Economist section. Then learn more about him at www.MeetHarryDent.com 

January 3, 2012 – Harry on CNBC discussing outlook for 2012.
June 2011 – Harry on Fox News about the relationship between the Federal Reserves “Quantitative Easing”, the booming stock market, European debt, and America’s Debt. Could all of this really lead to a Dow at 3,000? Come on, Harry…are you sure?

What does Harry Dent mean by “MORE banking crisis?”

Watch the following 60 Minutes clip from late 2008. It predicts what’s coming for 2010 and 2011:

Quantative Easing Explained

This video explains Quantative Easing:

Street Smart: Do You Know What Deflation Is? [Video]

Do you know what Deflation is?

Inside the Meltdown

Watch this chilling narrative from PBS’s Front line documentary series and see how close this country truly came to the next Great Depression. Go inside the White House with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the biggest bankers in America and hear their recounting of their discussions about close and how fast the entire banking system was to simply shutting down.

I believe that this is one of the best documentaries made of that critical moment in time. But more importantly it serves as a lesson how frail our entire economic system can be when it is allowed to be run by forces far beyond our control.

Unfortunately we cannot provide the video for viewing, but you can click here to see the video

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