National Debt & Deficit

Hugh Jidette (from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation) Campaign Commercials
The National Debt Crisis Clearly Illustrated (Excellent!)

Video: PBS Frontline – The National Debt

Outstanding documentary!

PBS’ documentary The National Debt is a well-researched, in-depth documentary expaining the causes and effects of the U.S. National Debt, we strongly recommend it for all Straight Talk Wealth Radio listeners. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from online viewing, so we encourage our listeners to visit PBS’ website and get a hold of the documentary.

A link to PBS’ videos about National Debt can be found by clicking here.

MORE FROM PETER G PETERSON FOUNDATION FOR REDUCTION OF THE NATIONAL DEBT: Learn about the U.S. national debt, (it was much smaller when this video was made) and what means to the future of this country (guess which way taxes are headed!).

These two videos are a great follow up to IOUSA. Their numbers are outdated, but in addition to focusing well on the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security, they also introduce you to David Walker.


It is vital that you review the following CBS 60 MINUTES episode below. 50-100 municipalities expected to default on obligations!

Glenn Beck And Judge Napolitano:

Raising Debt Ceiling “Beginning Of The End” Of GOP

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