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Where is this Economy Headed?

Videos include:

Understanding the Credit Crisis of 2008 and how the entire banking system almost froze.

Economist Harry S. Dent, often featured on our show, Harry is one of the few economists that traces economic trends back to the underlying demographics of the USA and the Globe. Find out why less consumers means less consumption, no matter what the government does to try to stimulate consumption.

CBS’s 60 Minutes on More Mortgage Meltdown to Come

Quantitative Easing: What is it? Will it Work? You’ll learn all about it from these videos.

The National Debt & Deficit

Learn about the U.S. national debt. How fast is it growing and what it means to the future of this country. (guess which way taxes are headed!)

What’s wrong with 401K’s?

Did you know that the 401(K) was never originally intended as a retirement plan?

60 Minutes hard hitting expose´ tells how seriously damaged the retirement plans of older workers and retirees have become…

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