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Welcome to the ALL NEW Straight Talk Wealth VIDEO Blog!

Bruce, where have you been?

Hey guys, I did not fade away! Quite the contrary I put STW Radio on hiatus in Los Angeles so I could focus on our whole new Straight Talk Wealth Radio and online media VERSION 2.0! And I’m not kidding that it is totally NEW and IMPROVED!

STW is underway to launch nationally in at least 10 cities by early 2012, and my new weekly NEW VIDEO BLOG is a key part of our whole upgrade. So please watch this video and let the Video-Me tell you the full story. ( 8 minutes )

Straight Talk Wealth Radio Vlog #1

This is the first in a new video-intensive blog by Straight Talk Wealth Radio Host Bruce Weide. It is primarily introducing the new improved blog to his opted in fan and list base. Go to and see the full series of video blog entries.

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