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Watch Straight Talk Wealth’s Exclusive Interview with economist Harry S. Dent on “The Great Crash Ahead”

Harry S. Dent is predicting that the Dow (DJIA) could drop to 3800 in the near future as America goes into a double-dip Depression!

Watch this 3-part in-depth interview with Harry Dent and Straight Talk Wealth Radio Host, Bruce Weide, and discover:

  • What is the basis of his forecasting? (See more below under “The Dent Method”)

  • Did the Baby Boom actually cause the current economic crisis?

  • Will American pull out of this recession soon? What can make things turn around?

  • How will the European Crisis end and what will its effects ultimately be on America?

  • Is our monetary system headed for hyper-inflation, or a deflationary depression?

In the early 1990′s during the George H.W. Bush recession, when things looked bleak and America had trouble reading Mr. Bush’s lips, Harry predicted that the coming decade was going into one of its most historic boom periods ever in his book The Great Boom Ahead.

In all of his past books since 1989, Dent saw an end to the Baby Boom spending cycle around the end of this decade. Currently asserting in his most recent book, The Great Crash Ahead, that “All major bubbles go back to where they started”, Mr. Dent is forecasting the DJIA to drop back into the 3000 range, within the next year or two.

Using exciting new research developed from years of hands-on business experience, Harry S. Dent, Jr. offers a refreshingly positive and understandable view of the economic future. As a best selling author on economics, Mr. Dent is the developer of The Dent Method – an economic forecasting approach based on changes in demographic trends.

The Dent Method: Economic forecasting based on changes in demographic trends

What is it? Why use it?

The Dent Method – a long term economic forecasting tool based on demographic trends – is used by Financial Advisors and individual investors to help predict the health of the economy as well as the stock markets years and decades in advance by identifying long-term trends that help build an overall financial picture.

The Dent Method claims that it has consistently proven that the age structure of the population has the power to influence consumption demand in a predictable, substantial and consistent manner.

Developed by economic expert Harry S. Dent, Jr. in the late 1980’s, The Dent Method offers a unique view of economic forecasting because it suggests that demographics and spending trends affect our economy, stock prices, inflation, interest rates, innovation cycles, new technologies, product and industry trends, real estate, immigration and domestic migration, and new business models for management and organization. This method also shows how to recognize and potentially profit from economic cycles, as well as helps pinpoint the best careers in growth industries, the best places to live, the hottest potential investment sectors, and the key technologies that will change everyday lives.

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