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The Age We Live In – Is It Really a Different World Today?

Probably all our lives we have heard that the sky is falling. All our lives we have heard about economic and political turmoil around us being unprecedented and likely to change the fabric of our American lives. But it really hasn’t happened yet.

So is today really any different? Or could our level of government debt and excess over so many years of borrowing really coming to a head this time?

2008 was a very scary time in America. Has the government made it all better now? Does the Federal Reserve Chairman know how to save us every time from the economic abyss? Or is the other shoe about to drop?

In this show Bruce talks about how to find some peace of mind in uncertain financial times, and how the foremost question as to the outcome of all the current government intervention in the economic sector will be whether we suffer a severe bout if INFLATION or DEFLATION. DO NOT CALL THAT ONE WRONG….it really does have serious consequences if you do.

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