These Are The Stories...

How Dismal Recovery is Causing Big Profits – plus – the China Bubble

Can you spot the oddity in these 2 stories running side by side in the WSJ on July 5th?



How can such a dismal recovery be so good for Wall Street? Does it tell you something seems wrong in this country? People can’t find work, our national debt is out of control, global debt is worse, housing prices remain in the dumpster, and yet — the stock market seems to be LOVIN IT!

In this episode we will tell you exactly what is driving corporate profits in this dismal economy.

BONUS! Did you know that the Chinese government is building 10 new cities a year from scratch…and virtually nobody is living in them! We’ll take you there to “see” for yourself in this new episode! You need to know that it is the next global bubble, set to deflate.


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